Miri Piri Sheds & Structures Pvt. Ltd, the newly Registered co. of the Miri Piri Group. AN ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company.           WE DESIGN           WE SUPPLY           WE FABRICATE           WE INSTALL           YOU ENJOY  
About Us

Miri Piri Sheds & Structures Pvt. Ltd is itself a renowned brand name in steel structure industry. With more than one and half decades of experience our name is well placed in local, national as well as international client’s list of favorite option for Tensile Membrane & Steel Structures companies.
We are a certified ISO 9001-2008 leading global manufacturer and exporter of steel structures and for abroad clients we also work as a complete A to Z consultants in designing and developing 100% customized tensile and lightweight Steel, Glass, Parking, Poly Carbonate, Space Frame, Cladding, Roofing, Walkway, Prefabricated, Skylight & Domes, Awning & Canopy structures permanent as well as temporary.  

We have well trained qualified team of professionals where 30 plus years of experience lie with skilled minds and hands.  Our service compromises every minute to major assistance, from concept design, detailed analysis, load details, planning, project management, customization and development of structures for clients.
We don’t believe in printing money and ignoring legal requirements to save taxes etc but we completely believe in legal compliance and so with our every client we prepare and execute legal contract with fair clauses so that our clients can get satisfaction and relaxation in terms of our services. We don’t charge any extra fee for preparing contract agreement.
At Miri Piri Sheds & Structures Pvt. Ltd clear communication and transparency matters and so we welcome to any and every suggestion or feedback by our clients. We don’ take client’s suggestion or feedback as mere few words but as guide to polish our skills and expertise in our domain.

Why Choose Miri Piri’s Products:

  • Water, Heat, Weather and Corrosion Resistant Feature
  • Readymade and 100% customized Products to suit your needs
  • High quality
  • Low Maintenance Required
  • Self Aligning Feature
  • Advanced and traditional both design products are available
  • High level of Perfection
  • Post sale support
  • Quick Response
  • Legal Compliance Contract
  • Innovation in Product Design to fit your requirements
  • Client Centric Attitude
With these excellent features attached to our products, we welcome you to take a look on our products showcased and explained on our website. If any suits your need, send enquiry to us or contact us directly. It will be our pleasure to serve you with our products.

Miri Piri works as with consultants to develop lightweight structure of high durability. We have a wide range of all standard readymade products and in addition to that we offer customized products to suit the need of particular client. 
We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals that is well versed in delivering all kind of services required at different stages of production like designing the concept, proper layout plan, load analysis, preparation of contract papers, project management, supervision, controlling and finally the delivery of quality product to clients.

We have also in-house Mild steel fabrication and membrane facility as well as house spray painting for house facility for mild steel framework to provide direct comfort to our clients.  With aim to provide always the top quality products to our clients in very affordable price our professionals keep updated themselves and use latest techniques, machinery and tools properly.  

We are leading the industry with our latest technology, latest machines and updated skilled manpower and to maintain its reputation and trust value of clients in future, we keep adding values and knowledge to us.  We guarantee delivery of quality products in our offered affordable rates is not possible to get in market and with same vision we are looking forward.